volant_logo Volant Performance is on the cutting edge of air intake system development. Volant has delivered many firsts as the technology leader in air intakes. Volant was the first to develop a sealed air filter box, to keep out moisture and dirt from contaminating the air filter. We were also the first to use high-grade X-link polyethylene that is resistant to heat, fuel and lowers intake noise levels. In addition, Volant introduced the market to an air-scoop that gathers air from behind or under the bumper of many popular trucks and sport utility vehicles for added performance and fuel economy.


Volant cold air intakes are made with stainless steel hardware and high-temperature silicone sleeves that do not flex or distort, even under extreme temperatures. Since more air is not an advantage for your engine unless it’s clean air, the Volant air filter and box is designed larger than factory units, to allow greater air volume without sacrificing the filtering function of the filter.

Learn more about Volant by visiting their website, www.volant.com.