goodmark_logoDuring the 1980’s, vehicle owners found it more and more difficult to find original vehicle sheet metal and trim for classic cars and trucks. Much of the sheet metal on the market was coming solely from the crash parts industry. Some car collectors decided that if the hobby was going to continue and grow, quality sheet metal and trim was needed.

Founded in 1991, Goodmark has been able to produce and offer the highest quality sheet metal and trim the industry has to offer for classic cars and trucks. Now, 20 years later, Goodmark has continued to maintain their goal of high-quality products for this market. Vehicles like Dodge Challengers, Plymouth Barracudas and others that had been difficult to restore are now being restored due to the availability of quality parts tooled by Goodmark.

Goodmark looks forward to continuing to provide quality parts for the vehicle restoration industry and hobbyists for years to come.

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